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OSAZE E - MOTO owned by Quote Me Pte Ltd
Electric Motorcycles from Around The World
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Electric motorcycles offer more exotic layouts, with some even featuring a hollow rear wheel, the formula for most of these bikes is pretty simple. Electric motorcycles substitute the internal combustion engine of a regular bike for big lithium-ion batteries, along with an electric motor that drives the rear wheel.

This is the formula for big power and instant torque, and electric motorcycles use it to their advantage. An electric motorcycle's performance range and performance hinges on the capacity of the aforementioned batteries, along with the power delivered by the electric powertrain.

The great thing is this is only the beginning of the amazing things that can be accomplished via the electrification of vehicles. Electric motorcycles will continue to push the envelope of the norm that regular motorcycles established, mostly due to their electric powertrain.

Another great thing about electric motorcycles is that they don't need refueling. In fact, electric motorcycles don't even have a gas tank, which eliminates many of the dangers associated with riding a tiny vehicle with a big tank of gas. Charging your electric motorcycle at home should also be cheaper than filling up a traditional bike at the gas station, especially with soaring gas prices.

One of the greatest advantages of electric motorcycles is that they're relatively quiet, especially compared to extremely raucous traditional bikes. Internal combustion motorcycles are huge sources of noise pollution, and e-motorcycles completely substitute the annoying roar of an engine for the whine of an electric motor.

We bring OSAZE E - MOTO electric motorcycle to you!

Pictures of our Electric Motorcycle Range both scooters and touring motorcycle

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